An average American's attempt to find truth in the chaos and make sense of the madness.

I love this country and want to see it succeed. I believe that in recent years a combination of partisan politics and media bias has driven a huge division in this nation. People have chosen sides and are dug in. They choose which news stations they watch based on their worldview. You can turn on two different news networks and hear two different stories. 

It is a dangerous time for our democracy. I have been feeling an ever growing need to say something....to do something. I think we need more Independent Thinkers in our country that don't buy into the hype. People that can use logic to cut through the BS and find the facts at the heart of the story. People that know the difference between real information and a sales pitch. This blog is for you. 

Everything that I post will be posted with a deep regard for integrity and honesty. 

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